28 Jul 2006: Piano Spa 2 is out at all music stores in Singapore.

30 Jun 2006: Piano Spa reached Top 20 International Pop Chart in Korea.

16 May 2006: Piano Spa is distributed in South Korea retail and online stores.

25 Jan 2006: Piano Spa is now available in Japan retail and online stores.

12 Jan 2006: Chester was invited by Melanie Oliveiro from Mediacorp Radio 938LIVE for an interview regarding the album 'Piano Spa' and the piracy issue. The studio interview was broadcast 'live' at 1.45pm on 93.8FM.

5 Dec 2005: Pirated copies of Piano Spa are found circulating in the market. Stop Piracy! Support original!

17 June 2005: Piano Spa reached #6 on the Singapore RIAS Charts (week ending 10 June)! Thanks to all who supported the album!

10 May 2005: Piano Spa is on sale at all music stores in Singapore.

8 May 2005: Piano Spa website officially launched - on Mother's Day.


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